Steplite EasyGrip - Agrilite

Agrilite becomes Steplite EasyGrip

Agrilite has become synonymous with comfort and durability. These hard-wearing NEOTANE® boots with their elegant fit are feather-light, feel supple and give your feet energy throughout the day. This NEOTANE® boot (high-quality polyurethane) is resistant to oils, fats, manure and various cleaning products!

Safety also comes first in the agricultural sector. That's why these boots can also be supplied with a steel toecap and midsole. Thanks to their improved and SRC-tested sole profile, you can wear them when you're working in the milking parlours or on the land.

Bekina® Boots are always looking for innovative ways to maximise your comfort. These agricultural work boots have a handy release button so you can take them off easily.

"Spending a lot of time in my Bekina® Boots Agrilite®, it is important to me that they feel natural and don't wear me down. Bekina® Boots' unique fitting gives me the comfort I need."
Julien L.



regular fitting
flexible material
excellent grip (SRC)
free insole
slip resistance

Safety level

No safety (O4):
PAN1P/9180A green/black
Protective toe cap (S4):
PAN3P/9180A green/black
Protective toe cap and midsole (S5):
PAN4P/9180A green/black


Size EU: 36 > 48
Size UK: 3.5 > 13
Size US: 4 > 15