Steplite EasyClean - Agrilite Desinfect

Agrilite Desinfect is now Steplite EasyClean

Every niche market has its own specific requirements when it comes to safety, hygiene and comfort. 

Thanks to its flat sole, the Steplite EasyClean (Agrilite Desinfect) is easy to clean and to disinfect. That is how you can avoid any cross-contamination. It is the ideal NEOTANE boot for usage in, for example, hatcheries.

Daily use in boot washers is not a problem for these boots. The Steplite EasyClean (Agrilite Desinfect) is resistant to vegetable and animal oils or fats, blood and various chemical cleaning products.

All our boots are made from NEOTANE, a high quality polyurethane. As a result our boots are light and strong, have a high thermal insulation value and last a long time.

"As a woman I have tried a broad selection of boots to fit my needs. I found them all to be heavy and rigid. Bekina Boots gave me the solution I've been longing for."
Emma T.