StepliteX ThermoProtec - XCi

StepliteXCi is now StepliteX ThermoProtec

Cold feet belong to the past with StepliteX ThermoProtec (StepliteXCi) Cold Insulation (-40°C/F). A full safety boot with a non-metallic protective toe cap and midsole. Because this boot is made of NEOTANE, they are  lighter, safer and warmer than classic PVC or rubber boots. The anatomically shaped insoles give the user an extra sense of wearing comfort. 

StepliteX ThermoProtec (StepliteXCi) is the ideal blend of a summer boot and a winter boot. Experience the wearing comfort of a summer boot, elevated with the thermal properties of a winter boot.

This elegant winter boot offers you the best of both worlds at a bargain price

All our boots are made from NEOTANE, a high quality polyurethane. As a result our boots are light and strong, have a high thermal insulation value and last a long time.

"I care more about comfort than style. Bekina Boots combine the two aspects. The design is not only practical but also very attractive."
Carlos N.